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Ford Transit Models Explained

Everyone’s heard of a Ford Transit, right? It’s the most popular van brand in the UK, leads all the sales charts, and is synonymous with the image of a white van on Britain’s roads.

But which version of the Ford Transit are we talking about? Did you know there are four main variants, each with their own range of sizes and features? Let’s explore some of the different types of Transit and learn a little more about each one.

If you’re looking to lease a new van, and you’re thinking of a Ford, then this might be a handy guide to give you an idea of which model you need.


Ford have designed their vans with the intention of filling every corner of the LCV market, and as such they created four basic models.

These are, from smallest to largest, the Ford Transit Courier, the Ford Transit Connect, the Ford Transit Custom, and the Ford Transit 350. Each has its own specific strengths that make it a leader in that sector, and we’ll get into what those are in a moment.

Since the first Transit appeared on the market in 1965, Ford have led the field in many areas. Each iteration of the Transit has brought new features, improved engines, better handling, and bigger payloads, and these modern variants are the best that Ford have produced so far.

Ford Transit 350

Some would say this is the van they mean when they say ‘Transit’. This large panel van was popularised in the 1980s by tradesmen across the country. Excellent handling, a solid gearbox, and an impressive load space quickly made this 3.5 ton van a favourite among the UK’s workforce.

Today, the Ford Transit 350 comes in a wide range of sizes, from the 5.5m L2H2 all the way up to the L4H3 with an exceptional 6.7m length. There is a DCIV version, also known as a crew cab van, that adds a second row of seats to carry up to six people.

The Ford Transit 350 is available as a chassis cab, ready to be modified into a Luton, cage, tipper or dropside.

There are three trim levels for the Ford Transit 350. These are Leader, Trend, and Limited. The Limited model has all the bells and whistles you would expect, including a large 8” TFT display, cruise control, and a full parking assist suite. The Leader is a little cheaper and is lacking some of the parking sensors and luxury options, but still has features like side-wind assist and cornering controls to aid you on the road.

Ford Transit 350 L2H2 FWD Leader 105PS
Ford Transit 350 L3H2 RWD Limited 185PS
Ford Transit 350 L3H2 FWD Leader 130PS DCIV
Ford Transit 350 L3H3 RWD Leader 130PS
Ford Transit 350 L4H3 RWD Leader 130PS

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is rapidly overtaking the Transit 350 as the van people refer to when they say “Transit”. As the most popular medium van lease by far, and the most popular LCV model in the UK, the Transit Custom took the world by storm. As each new version is released, the Transit Custom reaffirms its place as the most popular medium van in the UK.

The Transit Custom is perhaps the van with the most variations. Certainly, it is a contender. There are six trim levels; the standard Leader, Trend and Limited that are common across Ford’s range, and then there are also Active, Sport, and Trail models which are designed for more specific circumstances.

One of the Transit Custom’s strongest features is how it drives. Ford build their car technology into their vans, to give the driver the best driving experience they can. Many Transit Custom drivers cite the main reason for sticking with Ford is how much they enjoy the drive.

On top of the trim levels, there are two length and two roof height choices, making a total of four size variations. The Transit Custom can also be fitted out as a double cab with additional seating.

Update: The new Ford Transit Custom is available now, with a new stylish design and a host of improved features.

Ford Transit Custom L1H1 340 Limited 130PS Hybrid
Ford Transit Custom L2H1 300 Leader 130PS
Ford Transit Custom L2H1 320 Trend 130PS DCIV
Ford Transit Custom L1H2 280 Trend 130PS
Ford Transit Custom L2H1 300 Trend 130PS

Ford Transit Connect

The Transit Connect was designed to fill a gap in the market between the Ford Transit Custom and the smaller Ford Transit Courier, and has in many ways overtaken the Courier as the small van lease choice for businesses.

As with all Ford vans, the Transit Connect takes much of its technology from the car range, and the main benefits are the combination of load capacity and great handling.

Unlike the Transit Custom, the Connect is only available in Ford’s three standard variants, Leader, Trend and Limited. The high-spec Limited is packed with the sort of features you would find on a new car, including a touchscreen with voice control system, Eco mode, parking sensors, and much more.

Even the lowest trim, the Leader, is an excellent vehicle with a host of handy features. It can also be modified into a crew van, allowing for three extra seats at the expense of cargo space.

The Connect is a popular choice for electricians and technicians, businesses that need a van for tools and small parts, but don’t need to move a lot of material around.

Ford Transit Connect 230 Leader 1.5 100PS L2 DCIV
Ford Transit Connect 210 Trend 1.5 120PS L2
Ford Transit Connect 200 Limited 1.5 120PS SWB
Ford Transit Connect 200 Trend 1.5 100PS SWB
Ford Transit Connect 230 Trend 1.5 100PS L2 DCIV

Ford Transit Courier

The Ford Transit Courier was developed based on the Ford Fiesta car, and as such is designed to feel much like a car when driving.

It is the smallest van in the Transit range, carrying 600kg with a load length on 1.6m. In comparison, the Connect can carry up to 750kg, depending on the specific model.

While the Transit Courier is only slightly smaller than the Connect, it is a much cheaper vehicle. So, if you want a Ford but budget is an issue, the Courier is a great option.

Ford Transit Couriers are available in the three standard trim options, Leader, Trend and Limited, and they vary in luxury and features in the same way as the other models. For example, the Transit Courier limited is fitted with cruise control, parking sensors, and a 6” touchscreen.

Update: Ford has released an all-new Ford Transit Courier model for 2024. The new version comes with all the modern features you would expect, and has increased load space and payload capacity.

Ford Transit Courier Trend Diesel
Ford Transit Courier Leader 1.5 Diesel
Ford Transit Courier Leader EcoBoost Petrol

Ford Transit Range

If you’re looking to lease a Ford Transit, no matter which of the options they provide, then Van Ninja can help. We can source any model or variant of Transit and provide competitive leasing terms. Speak to our expert team today, and we’ll help you choose the right Ford Transit lease for your business.

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