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Ford Van Lease

Ford Van Lease

The Ford Transit is synonymous with the large vans that are common to the UK’s roads. Since its introduction in 1965, it has become the best-selling light commercial vehicle in Europe.

Today, the Transit is available in countless variations. There are four basic models, the Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Transit Custom, and Transit 350. Each of these has a huge variety of editions, from different trim levels to crew variants to chassis cabs and more.

Ford are highly praised for their vehicle handling. A lot of work goes into the handling characteristics of all the Transit models, and the result is sharp, responsive steering and an excellent driver experience.

Ford were the first manufacturer to fit their vans with heated windscreens and side mirrors, something still not found on many other vehicles. These provide rapid demisting and ice removal which saves a lot of time starting up your van in the morning.

All Ford Transit variants come fitted with the FordPass Pro remote system. This allows you to link your van to your phone via the FordPass Pro app and provides you with vehicle status information, such as fuel levels, service reminders, and more. It also allows you to view your van’s lock status, and lock or unlock it remotely via the app.

There are far too many Transit variants to list on the Van Ninja website, so our expert team have picked a range that should suit just about everyone. No matter your business model or requirements, we can source a Ford Transit lease to suit you.

With terms including Business Contract Hire and Finance Lease, you can be confident of finding a leasing profile to suit your business situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat – We can help you identify the right van for your requirements, at the best price.

Ford Transit Courier Trend Diesel
Ford Transit Connect 210 Trend 1.5 120PS L2
Ford Transit Custom L1H1 300 Limited 130PS Auto
Ford Transit 350 L3H2 RWD Leader 130PS

Ford Transit Courier Van Lease

The Ford Transit Courier is the smallest van supplied by Van Ninja, and as such it drives very much like a large car. Ideal if you need a nippy vehicle to get you to the next job but you need to carry more equipment than will fit into a car.

Carrying 600kg in its rear load area, the Courier still has a very useful 1.6m load length and performs well for carrying tools or functioning as a delivery vehicle for small businesses.

The Courier is available in both Leader and Trend variants. While the Leader has everything you need for a smart, responsive drive, the Trend provides a few additional features to make your life a little easier. Additions such as Trailer Sway Control, steering wheel mounted controls, and heated door mirrors add to the driving experience.

Ford put a lot of work into vehicle handling, and the Courier reflects this. The Courier keeps to the road well, with a smooth gearbox and responsive steering.

All Courier variants are fitted Ford’s standard suite of driving aids, including Hill Start Assist, Roll Stability Control, and Emergency Brake Assist. These features all contribute to making your driving experience stress-free, and to keep you in control at all times.

 Fuel consumption on the petrol variant is 48.7mpg, and the diesel version of the Courier is an impressive 63.8mpg. Either version is highly economical.

If you’re looking for a small van that is good on fuel and feels similar to driving a car, then a Ford Courier lease would be a good choice.

For something slightly larger, check out the Ford Transit Connect as another good small van lease.

Ford Transit Connect Van Lease

The Ford Transit Connect fills a gap in the small van market between the Courier and the Transit Custom, providing all the drivability of the Courier with a little more load capacity.

Ford have developed a wide range of Connect variants, ensuring there is a version that fits your requirements. At Van Ninja, we can supply any version of the Connect that you might be looking for, and we’ve featured the most popular Connect vans on our website.

The Ford Transit Connect Leader is the base model, and provides a solid van with a lot of capability while keeping the price down. The Leader is a good lease option for businesses working on a budget.

The Trend has a few extra features, such as a trip computer and touchscreen display.

Ford’s top of the range Connect is the Limited. This adds additional features such as rear parking sensors, a larger touchscreen, with voice control, configurable locking, keyless start, and some exterior trim improvements.

All Connect variants are fitted Ford’s standard suite of driving aids, including Hill Start Assist, Roll Stability Control, and Emergency Brake Assist. These features all contribute to making your driving experience stress-free, and to keep you in control at all times.

Fuel consumption across the range comes in between 55 and 60mpg, so no matter the version you choose you won’t have to worry about diesel costs.

Both the Trend and the Leader are available in Double Cab variants, allowing the vans to carry up to 5 people while still keeping sufficient load space in the back.

The Ford Transit Connect is an excellent small van lease option for any business or sole trader that needs a small vehicle that performs well on both narrow streets and the motorway.

Ford Transit Custom Van Lease

The Ford Transit Custom is available in so many variants that we would not be able to fit them all on the website! The Van Ninja experts have chosen some of the more popular versions to showcase, though we can source most Ford Transit Custom versions for lease if required.

As the UK’s most popular van, the Transit Custom has sold more units in 2020 than any other van, and was also the best-selling van for the previous 2 years. Its popularity stems not just from the diverse options available, but from the medium van’s performance and capabilities.

From the basic features of the Ford Transit Custom Trend, through to the Leader and Limited models, this medium van lease can carry over 1 ton in its more than competent load area.

Each of the different trim levels has additional variants. The Transit Custom is available in combinations of L1 and L2 for different lengths, and H1 and H2 heights. This allows you to choose the load capacity that your business requires.

Double Cab variants are available for lease at all trim levels, if you need to transport additional crew members as well as tools and equipment.

Fuel economy across all versions sits at around 45mpg, which is highly competitive among the medium vans we provide on lease. The Transit Custom is fitted with Ford’s EcoBlue engine, which meets Euro 6 emissions standards.

With the highest level of trim, the Ford Transit Custom Limited, there is the option to have an automatic gearbox if preferred.

One of Ford’s greatest strengths is the smooth, responsive steering that provides a confident, controlled drive, and the Transit Custom is no exception to this. Many customers cite the driving experience as the reason they prefer the Transit Custom over its competitors.

Ford Transit 350 Van Lease

Van Ninja have provided a large range of Transit 350 variants to ensure there is one available that suits your business requirements.

The Transit 350 is the most popular large van lease, in no small part due to its range of sizes and trim levels. Three different lengths are available, and two heights, so there’s a Transit lease for any size or shape of payload.

The base trim level of the Ford Transit 350 is the Leader. This is the minimum spec, allowing you to get hold of a new Transit lease at the lowest price we can provide. Despite being the entry level vehicle, it still comes kitted out with a trip computer and display screen in the cabin. All Transits come with a set of driving assist tools, including crosswind assist, hill start, and dynamic cornering control. The leader is available as an L2H2, L3H2, L3H3, or L4H3 sized van, or as Double Cab with an additional row of seats.

Ford’s second trim level, the Trend, has a few more features. A larger display screen and parking aids improve the cabin experience, and the exterior has been given a few extra touches. Cruise Control helps on those long motorway journeys.

Available in front and rear wheel drive options, the Ford Transit 350 Limited is the highest spec version of this large van, and ideal for any business looking for a quality van lease without breaking the bank.

The Transit 350 Limited has all the features of the previous trim models, with a lot more added on. LED lights, a heated windscreen, cornering lights, and side park assist really boost the driver experience, while leather trim and external body styling give it a premium appearance.

As with the other vans built by Ford, the Transit 350 is highly regarded for its great handling. Steering is responsive and the van keeps the road well even when heavily loaded.

The Ford Transit 350 is an excellent choice for any business that requires a large van lease.