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  • Are Van Ninja vehicles brand new?

    Yes – Van Ninja vehicles are brand new with delivery mileage. All new vehicles come with a full manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

    We work closely with manufacturers to get brand new vehicles at discounted prices. We then pass those discounts on to our customers, so you can benefit with a cheaper van lease.

  • What contract lengths do you offer?

    Leasing is a long-term contract, but that doesn’t mean we can’t customise your plan.

    Van Ninja contract lengths vary between 24-60 months. Generally, the longer the contract, the cheaper your monthly payments will be.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    There are no deposits with Van Ninja. We do not ask for payments to reserve vehicles, and we believe it is unethical to do so in the current climate of vehicle shortages and uncertainty.

    However, there is an initial payment (which many customers think of as a deposit) included in the lease contract.

    This initial payment is only paid upon vehicle delivery.

    The initial payment is stated on the quote and contract information, and is often a multiple of your monthly payment (3, 6, 9, and 12 month initial payments are common).

  • Do I need to insure the vehicle?

    Yes – all vehicles must be insured and all insurance must be fully comprehensive.

  • If I lease a vehicle, who is it registered to?

    Finance leases can be registered to the funder or the customer but the customer does not own the vehicle, just the equity in the vehicle.
    For Contract Hire Agreements, the vehicle will be registered to the funder.

  • Am I eligible for a van lease?

    It depends.

    There is no simple answer for this, as there are many factors involved.

    We work with a range of finance lenders who all have different criteria for accepting customers for a lease contract.

    Additionally, the status of your business, credit score, value of the vehicle, and other factors will be taken into account.

    Our staff can help you to ensure you have the best chance of being approved for a van lease.

  • What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance?

    With a Finance Lease contract, there is no mileage allowance. We ask for an estimated mileage at the start so we can calculate the balloon payment at the end of the contract. The mileage may affect the sale value when you come to sell the vehicle at the end of the contract, but as long as you pay the balloon payment you will not face any penalties.

    With Contract Hire, as you must return the vehicle, the mileage is more important. The monthly payments are calculated based on the condition of the vehicle when it is returned, and this includes mileage. Excess mileage is generally payable at the end of the contract. The cost-per-mile is decided and stated at the start of your contract, so you can plan accordingly.


  • Do I need to pass a credit check to see if I'm eligible?

    Yes. Our finance lenders carry out checks to ensure you are a suitable candidate for business lease.

    We are unable to provide reasons if you are declined for finance, as any checks carried out by the finance lender are confidential.

  • Do you take part exchange?

    No. We do not currently accept part exchange.

  • How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive?

    If we have your vehicle in stock, most vans will be delivered within two to four weeks. We do have the option to collect for certain vehicles, if you are willing to travel to our depot.

    With vehicle orders for vans that are not yet in stock, we will provide an approximate delivery date which will be refined as we get closer to delivery.

    We will always keep you updated on any changes in delivery time.

  • How will my van be delivered?

    All Van Ninja deliveries are free of charge.

    We will confirm delivery address when you are approved for finance, and your van will be delivered to any location in the UK mainland that you choose.

    If you need to change the delivery address, let us know. We can usually accommodate this even at late notice.

  • Can I have additions on my van - such as tow bars or signage?

    Yes. We can help you with additions before your vehicle is delivered, so please ask us for a quote on additional equipment.

    If you wish to add additions yourself, please bear in mind that for Contract Hire, the finance lender expect the vehicle back in the same condition as it was leased (excepting normal wear and tear) so you will have to remove anything added.

    For Finance Lease, you can alter the vehicle as you choose, but bear in mind it is your responsibility to sell the vehicle at the end. Some additions may increase the value, which will give you some equity. Others might reduce the value and leave you out of pocket when you pay the balloon payment at the end of the contract.

  • Who will maintain my van lease?

    When leasing a vehicle you’ll be responsible for keeping it in good condition and maintaining it until the end of your agreement.

    As all our vehicles are brand new, you don’t have to worry about an MOT until after 3 years – many customers take 3 year leases for this reason.

    Service packages are available – please get in touch with us to find out more.

  • Will my lease vehicle have a warranty?

    Yes, all vehicles are brand new and will have a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Where can I have the vehicle serviced?

    You’re welcome to service your lease vehicle at any VAT registered garage of your choice.

    New vehicles do not need MOTs for the first 3 years.

  • Do I need to be a limited company to lease a commercial vehicle?

    No. We accept applications from sole traders, partnerships and limited businesses.

  • Do you provide personal leasing?

    No. We cannot support personal lease applications at this time.

  • Do I need to be VAT registered?

    No, your business doesn’t need to be VAT registered to take on a commercial lease.

  • Do I need to tax the lease vehicle?

    No, your vehicle would be taxed by the finance company and calculated into your financial agreement.

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