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· All prices provided will be approved for Business customers only.

· Prices quoted for Business leasing exclude VAT. VAT will be charged at standard rate.

· Standard vehicles will not incur a reservation fee.

· All prices listed on the website are examples only and may not reflect the quote we supply.

· Specialist or Customised vehicles may incur a reservation fee which will be discussed at time of order.

· Certain lenders will charge an administration fee to set up the agreement.

· We may receive a commission or other benefits from finance providers should you decide to enter into an agreement with the finance provider we have introduced you to.

· Quotations valid from 28 days subject to stock availability whereby new quotes may be required.


· On quotation acceptance you will be directed to a finance application to authorise a funder to complete a credit search. On completion of this document you confirm you have permission to authorise a credit search on the Limited Company.

· Funding providers may request additional information at this stage such as business bank account details, proof of trading address or bank statements.

· Vehicles will be sourced and the agreed delivery dates & address confirmed.

· Initial rental will be taken 7-10 days from delivery on most lease products. Some agreements may require the initial rental to be paid before delivery. Your account manager will communicate this a at point of order.

· Monthly rentals will be completed on a set date, recurring for the duration of the contract.

· For more information please refer to finance providers terms and conditions.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks

· A KYC check will be carried out on the signatory of the finance agreement prior to delivery.

· By submitting your finance application, you are giving consent to a KYC check taking place on the signatory of the finance agreement.

· Go to https://vanninja.co.uk/know-your-customer/ to find out more about KYC checks.


· On completion of the order the vehicle will be registered and delivered to the requested address, free of charge, to any customers based in mainland UK.

· Mileage will be documented at time of delivery and no delivery miles will be added to your contract agreement.

· Delivery dates will be agreed at point of order and we endeavour to meet these agreed dates however circumstances beyond our control may affect delivery dates and times. You will be informed of any such changes.

· On completion of delivery, please record any issues you are concerned with on the delivery note and contact us immediately. No damage will be accepted if not listed on the delivery note.

· For more information please refer to finance providers terms and conditions.

Excess Miles & Fair Wear and Tear

· Excess mileage is agreed at point of order and may vary depending on vehicle, lease product chosen or duration of contract. Mileage is agreed per annum and calculated over the duration of the contract. For example, 15,000 Miles per annum on a 36-month lease equates to 45,000 miles for the contract length. Anything above the 45,000 miles will then be calculated at the agreed excess mileage charge which will be listed in your quote / finance agreement.

· Certain lease products require the vehicle to be handed back at end of contract. If the vehicle is outside of the fair wear and tear policy additional off hire charges will be applied.

· On lease products whereby the vehicle is not handed back at end of contract no mileage or damage charges will be incurred however in such instance this may have an impact on the vehicles residual value.

· For more information please refer to finance providers terms and conditions.

Contractual adjustments

· Mid contract adjustments such as mileage or contract length can be discussed with the finance provider. At this stage we will endeavour to facilitate such contract alterations with customer and finance provider.

· Mid contract adjustments may incur an administration fee.

· We have a team of end of contract consultants that can support with end of contract questions and new product options.

· For more information please refer to finance providers terms and conditions.


· In the event that you enter a promotion on a marketing or social media platform terms and conditions will apply and will be listed on each individual promotion.

Cancellation Policy

· Cancellation charges may apply depending upon lease product or finance provider.

· Cancellation charges will also apply with finance provider if contract is cancelled after taking delivery of the vehicle. For more information on such charges please check out the finance paperwork provided during quotation / order process.

· Van Ninja may charge a cancellation fee of up to £500 + VAT for services already provided when cancellation takes place before registration. For orders cancelled after registration, Van Ninja may charge a cancellation fee of up to 10% of the total payments payable.

· Van Ninja Leasing operate as a division within the Dawson Group and is a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing association.

· Van Ninja Leasing is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

· For more information please refer to finance providers terms and conditions.


· Content published on our website is for information purposes only.

· All vehicle descriptions, images and content on the website are for reference purposes only and may not be an accurate representation of the vehicle on offer.

· Van Ninja is under no obligation to keep any part of the website up to date or accurate.

Website Modifications

· Van Ninja reserves the right to modify the content displayed on the website at its discretion and without prior notice.

Other Info

· Please note that all calls are monitored and recorded.

· Non payment on credit agreements can have an effect on your credit rating and future credit acceptance. In some circumstance’s vehicles will be repossessed by the finance provider.

· Van Ninja Leasing do not operate consumer credit, we offer various lease-based finance products as set by our credit partners.