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Volkswagen Reveal New Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen have finally revealed the second generation of their pickup truck, the Volkswagen Amarok.

The first generation sold over 830,000 units worldwide and was highly regarded by customers. With this latest release, VW are looking to improve in all aspects.

The new model is a joint venture with Ford, sharing a lot of technology between the Amarok and the Ranger. A lot of this technology is the behind-the-scenes stuff, such as chassis, engines and transmissions. Exterior styling and interior dashboard layout are the biggest differences between the two.

Both the Ranger and the Amarok are completely new. The Amarok has kept enough design elements to be recognisable, but has upgraded the front with a modern lights and grille set up that refers back to VW’s passenger cars.

The new Amarok is a little longer than its predecessor, providing more room in the cab. A longer wheelbase reduces overhang and gives the Amarok improved balance and stability when off-road.

On the inside, a digital cockpit and a large touchscreen both come as standard, with a high-end sound system included with the higher-spec models.

A wealth of safety systems and driving aids are fitted as standard, giving the Amarok impressive handling on any surface. VW are boasting over 20 driver assist systems including Adaptive Cruise Control and smart headlights.

Volkswagen are releasing the Amarok with five different engines to meet the standards of different countries’ markets. Not all will be available in the UK – we’ll find out more on release.

To manage the powerful Amarok engines, all versions will be fitted with a 10-speed automatic gearbox (though there is an option to choose a manual 6-speed gearbox with some engines).

The Amarok will be available in five trim variants and eight colours, though again we are waiting to see which ones will be released in the UK. It shouldn’t be a worry, as Volkswagen have put a lot into even the basic Amarok model.

The VW Amarok is expected to be available in 2023. Here at Van Ninja, we’re keeping a close eye on pricing, features, and availability, so check back for more news on leasing options.