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Van Sizes and Dimensions

Long hours aboard a vehicle that does not suit your needs can soon become a hellish experience. In order to carry out your job with comfort and at the best of your possibilities, you need a van that ticks the right boxes.

Are you a builder? A plumber? An electrician? Or a florist? Whatever your profession, Van Ninja has a substantial range of affordable commercial van deals that will allow you to drive confidently into the horizon.

Bricks, hydraulic tools, spanners, flowerpots, and plants require space. How much? That’s up to you to decide! But do not worry – we will always have you covered. Depending on your equipment and personal preferences, you can opt for small van leasing, medium van leasing, or large van leasing.

Van sizes and van dimensions play a crucial part when it comes to picking the perfect vehicle. Why? Understanding the importance of van size & dimensions, including payload and load space, will give you the chance to maximise your workdays and boost the efficiency of your business.


Size matters in the field of skilled trades. With the requirements of your profession in mind, you should pick the van size that will benefit your day-to-day routine.

If you operate in villages with narrow roads, you may want to consider hiring a small-sized van, as it will spare you from headaches and tricky manoeuvres. Medium-sized vans will offer you the ideal combination of capacity, performance, and fuel economy.

But if you are transporting a considerable number of parcels, boxes, tools, and equipment, then the larger the better!

Therefore, take some time to browse Van Ninja’s van dimensions and think about what size would best accommodate your work duties. In short, how big should your van be?

Load space

How much space do you need to drive around your handy tools and faithful equipment? How much room do your delivery parcels or boxes require on average? Once you have answered these questions, you will a rough idea of how much load space you will need.

Van Ninja has an array of spacious vehicles to choose from. If you are a dog groomer, the Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions will ensure that your four-legged customers are enjoying ample room in the back of the van. Instead, if you are on the hunt for a van with extensive load space, the Mercedes Sprinter dimensions will suit you just fine.

Payload weight

Van sizes and van dimensions also have a significant impact on the vehicle’s payload. By payload, we mean the weight that can be carried by a van, including its passengers.

Being aware of how much weight a van can handle is fundamental. Not only is it illegal to overload a vehicle, but it can also put you and your equipment in serious danger.

If your load exceeds 1,000 kg, for instance, the Ford Transit dimensions are big enough to be able to carry substantial amount of weight (each model has its own specific payload). But if your tools and parcels are not that heavy, the comfortable Peugeot Boxer dimensions will certainly do the trick.

Make sure to sift through our numerous options. From well-sized to tech-savvy and sleek vehicles, such as the Citroen Relay dimensions, you are spoilt for choice with Van Ninja’s fleet of affordable commercial vans.

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