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The Benefits of Leasing a Large Van

VW Crafter Luton

Having a van at your disposal is always a benefit to a small business. Whether for deliveries, collections, transporting tools or equipment, it makes sense to have a van on hand.

Large vans, particularly, are extremely versatile.

The largest van it is possible to drive on a standard driving license has a gross weight of 3.5 tons. This means that when the van is fully loaded, with driver, passengers and as much as you can fit in the back, the total weight does not exceed 3.5 tons.

Would you need a larger van than this?

Larger vans are usually specialist vehicles, and are designed for a purpose. Dropsides, tippers, crane lorries and curtain-siders are some of the different styles of 7.5ton (and heavier) vehicles. Unless your work requires specific large scale operations, you will probably find a 3.5 ton van lease will suit your needs.

So what are the advantages of a large van lease?

Load Space and Payload Weight

The most obvious benefit to having a large van lease is the size. 3.5 ton vans are designed to provide the largest carrying capacity possible while still being driveable on a standard license. Some vans focus on volume, while others focus on payload weight, but most of the large van leases we provide can carry between 1300kg and 1500kg.

The few vans that do not fit this range are either Double Cab variants, which replace some of the payload capacity with additional seats, and rear-wheel drive models, which require a heavier drive train and so have to sacrifice a little load capacity.

Load volume can vary from around 9m3 all the way to an impressive 18m3 in the largest version of the VW Crafter, with a load length of nearly 5 meters. This size of van is ideal for a wide range of businesses, from couriers to carpet fitters, builders to removals companies.

Towing Capability

Large vans can not only carry a lot, they can tow as well. Due to the powerful engines they are fitted with, large vans are often leased for their towing capability.

All large vans can be used for towing, but we strongly advise that you tow heavy trailers with a rear-wheel drive van. A large FWD van will comfortably tow a 500kg trailer, but any more than this could place a strain on the drive train. RWD versions of all the major models are available, and these can handle 1 ton trailers without issue.

High Driving Position

One major advantage of a large van over its smaller cousins is the high driving position. Sitting in the driver’s seat of a large van like a Ford Transit 350 or a Vauxhall Movano gives you a commanding view of the road. You can see over the top of cars and some smaller vans, allowing you to read the road and predict traffic.

Mobile Work Station

Some sectors, like utility companies, use their vans as workstations while out on site. The load area of the van will be modified to fit a workbench, tools and racking for parts.

Legislation requires that if the van is being used as a workspace then it must meet certain height requirements. While a few medium vans do have H2 options that increase their working space, large van leases can provide a lot more working room.

Room for business expansion

If you’re expecting your business to grow in the near future, do you lease a medium van that suits your current requirements, or do you plan ahead and lease a large van that allows for some expansion?

Sometimes, it’s worth looking at the bigger picture and, instead of locking yourself into a medium van lease and having to get a second van or negotiate an early end to your existing lease, it might be more straightforward to choose a large van lease from the start.

We would only advise this if your finances are secure and you have a solid plan for your future business needs.


Large vans have the widest range of conversion options, for any company that requires a specialist vehicle. Tippers and dropsides are ideal for moving sand, soil and building material. Lutons increase the load area, perfect for removals companies. Other options, such as refrigeration units and welfare vans, can be created for specific purposes.

Lease Options

Van Ninja can help you identify which van is best for your business, whether that is a small, medium or large van. Speak to our experts today and find our what we can do for you.