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SMMT Push for More Urgency in Manufacturing Race to Zero

Britain’s ability to compete as an electric vehicle (EV) production leader is at risk, warned the SMMT this week. The SMMT Race to Zero report has laid out in detail the great position Britain is currently in.

It begins by describing the UK’s great reputation as an automotive powerhouse, and details how UK manufacturers produce almost every part required in the construction of an electric vehicle powertrain. This is an enviable position to be in as much of the world pushes to ban the production of diesel and petrol vehicles.

The UK is also rated highly when it comes to research and development of new electric technology, with 11% of UK business R&D being made by the automotive sector.

The SMMT report makes a point of stating how much progress has already been made, with almost a third of all UK-manufactured cars being either fully electric or hybrid, and with a range of new electric car and van models to be released this year.

The challenge, according to the SMMT, is to remain global leaders in the push for electric vehicles and net zero targets. To achieve this, the SMMT have called on the government for a bold strategy of investment in development, supply, and infrastructure.

Regulation reform is also listed in the report as a required task, to ensure new production facilities are built on time to meet demand, and to ensure renewable energy sources are viable in the future.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “Britain boasts a firm foundation of EV production, backed by low carbon energy, outstanding R&D and a highly skilled and productive workforce. We must not squander these advantages. With other parts of the world turbocharging their support for the zero emission vehicle transition, we need to step up to compete in this global race. Every part of the country has a stake in the switch and with fast, decisive action we can deliver for Britain the growth, jobs and green prosperity this country deserves.”

Future-proofing the UK’s automotive industry is vital for preserving British jobs and the economy. Creating green solutions within the automotive industry also contributes to the health of the environment and the planet.