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New Vauxhall Trim Levels for 2023

Vauxhall have made a change to their van line-up for 2023, replacing the Edition, Dynamic, and Sportive with new trim levels.

Instead, the Combo and Vivaro will have Prime and Pro variants, while the Movano will only be available in Prime trim.

The new lineup “simplifies the Combo, Vivaro and Movano line up by offering customers clearer choice between vehicles as well as adding greater connectivity and improved technology”, according to Vauxhall.

Hopefully, this change will give customers two options which have the features they need, with a clearer distinction between the two trim levels.

The change comes into effect this year, with the last of the old trim levels leaving the factories now. Edition, Dynamic, and Sportive models will still be available to purchase during 2023, but it won’t be long before we start to see the new Prime and Pro vehicles rolling out of the factory.


Prime is the entry-level trim, and is available on all three van models, the Combo Cargo, Vivaro, and Movano. Even the entry level spec includes a touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and rear parking sensors for the Vivaro and Movano.

The high spec variant is the Pro, only available on the Vauxhall Combo Cargo, and the Vauxhall Vivaro. This includes a few more upgrades, including a rear parking camera, and the FlexCargo system, which is a hatch in the bulkhead that allows the loading of longer items.


Vauxhall are boasting a price reduction of up to £7,500 on the new trim levels, while improving the technology provided. We won’t be able to confirm real-world prices until we see the vans in our yard, but any price reduction in today’s market is a strong benefit.


These models are currently in build. Van Ninja expect to be able to announce availability in the coming weeks, but there is no ETA for the present.

If you need a van urgently, there are still a number of Vauxhalls in stock in the Sportive trim.

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