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Mercedes Accelerates Plans for Full Electric Transformation

Mercedes-Benz Vans is moving forward with its strategy to fully remove fossil fuel vehicles from its vehicle lines.

Mercedes say that by the middle of this decade, all newly introduced vans by Mercedes-Benz will be electric only.

This is a strong statement of intent, and one that will keep Mercedes at the leading edge of electric technology.

One of those technologies is VAN.EA. This a brand new modular van architecture for Mercedes electric vans. Investment has already begun in this platform which will apply to medium and large electric vans.

To match this aim, Mercedes is also adapting its European production network. The planned investments will convert the Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde plants to produce the next generation of eSprinter, an investment that will cost around 400 million euros.

“We traditionally operate in a highly competitive environment. This situation is continuously intensifying through the ever-increasing number of new providers entering our segment. It remains our commitment to offer the best vans and services – which means we have to be highly innovative and competitive in all areas,” says Mathias Geisen, Head of Mercedes‑Benz Vans.

“We want to retain our position as the only van manufacturer producing large vans in Germany – despite the increasing costs associated with the e-mobility transformation. To achieve this, we are aligning our European production network. Incorporating an all-new production facility leveraging an existing Mercedes‑Benz site in Central/Eastern Europe into that network will help us secure the long-term competitiveness of our German plants and enable the successful transition of Mercedes-Benz Vans into the electric era.”

This move will see far more electric vans from Mercedes reach the market, and a more efficient production structure should see some reduction in costs which we hope will be reflected in the vehicle prices.

Electric vans are rapidly becoming a viable option for a range of business types, and as the government’s cut off for selling new fossil fuel vehicles approaches, more and more businesses will look to make the switch to electric when they purchase or lease their next vehicle.

At Van Ninja, we are staying on top of all the news and tracking every update, so that we can offer the best lease options we possibly can. Interest in electric vehicles is growing daily, so look forward to more news and lease options for electric vans soon.