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Ford Have Increased Security with FordPass Pro Guard Mode

Ford Transit Custom

A new app has been released by Ford for drivers of Ford vans and commercial vehicles. The goal of FordPass Pro is to make drivers’ lives easier by connecting your phone to your van so you can operate some systems remotely. From remote start (automatics only) to remote locking and unlocking, this looks like a great addition to Ford vans.

While it only applies to vans built after June 2020, any Ford van lease taken through Van Ninja should have FordPass Pro Connect fitted as standard. As soon as you have your new van, you’ll be able to download the app and connect to your van’s systems.

The system also works with the Ford Ranger, allowing you to keep track of your pickup truck in the same manner. The only Ford van lease it does not apply to is the Ford Transit Courier, as this model does not have the required hardware to connect to the app.

The app has been running since June 2020, but has only recently added Guard Mode and the ability to install updates to the van’s software remotely.

 What is FordPass Pro?

The original FordPass app was designed for Ford’s car range, and has been updated and improved for Ford’s commercial vehicle range. This has been released as FordPass Pro, and it provides live data from your van direct to your phone, allowing you to see the van’s status remotely.

Ford have taken the original app and prioritised the information that they believe their commercial customers need the most. For example, the most prominent data shows whether your van is locked or unlocked.

Added Security

Not only can you check the lock status of your van at all times, you can use the app to remotely lock or unlock the doors wherever you are. The Guard Mode setting will provide an additional layer of security to your alarm system, and will inform you if someone is trying to access your van with a stolen key.


FordPass Pro allows you to monitor up to 5 vans with one app, making it great for small businesses. It provides their locations and status at all times, so you can keep track of your fleet while you are out working. For larger fleets, Ford have other options to monitor your vans.

Van Health

FordPass Pro monitors your van’s status and reports back if there are any issues. Alerts can be raised for fuel, washer fluid, oil, tyre pressures, and more. Notifications will be sent to your app, giving you advanced warning of any required maintenance.

It will also remind you when a service or MOT is due, or when to top up your AdBlue levels.


The FordPass modem includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, though you will need to keep your data allowance topped up. You can use this to turn your cab into a mobile office.

The system will allow up to 10 connections to the hotspot, meaning your phone and laptop can share the connection.

Other Features

Ford have listed several other features on their website, such a route tracker, fuel efficiency reporting, and live traffic information.


FordPass Pro is compatible with any Ford van lease with a FordPass Connect Modem. While Ford have stated that any new van will come with the modem fitted, older models may not have the required hardware. Check with your leasing company to be sure that this feature is available for the van model you are interested in.

The following vans all come with a FordPass Connect modem fitted as standard:

The app is currently free to download, as it is still in a trial phase. Ford have not ruled out charging for the service in future.

If you have a compatible Ford van lease, you can download the app here.