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A Van is More Than Another Piece of Equipment

Vauxhall Vivaro Lease Cab

When you look at a van, what do you see?

Many people – those that don’t use them – don’t see much at all. From their point of view, there is the sense that a van is a tool, something to carry equipment and get to work and back. It is just another appliance with a set function.

Vans are more than they seem

Van drivers see things differently. Yes, the van is there to serve a purpose – getting equipment and tools to the site, delivering goods, transporting a team – but it is also a lot more.

To a driver, the van is their place of work. Delivery drivers spend most of their day behind the wheel, travelling between customer drops or supplying parts and equipment.

Similarly, to many tradesmen, the van is their base of operations when out on a job. It can function as anything from a mobile office to a break room. If the weather is particularly bad, it can also be an escape from the elements when working outdoors.

In fact, there are plenty of tradesmen that hang onto their old van because it is so familiar, despite that voice in the back of their heads telling them it is time for a new van.

Mobile Offices

Modern van leases are fitted with so much utility inside the cab that they can comfortably be considered mobile offices. Wi-Fi connectivity and USB charging ports allow the use of laptops and tablets while on site. Many vans come with a trip computer and touchscreen display to help manage route planning and more.

In fact, small vans in particular have all the comforts and features of a modern car.

One handy addition to the mobile office is the ability to fold the middle seat down. Van manufacturers have designed the central passenger seat so that it can be turned into a table, often with document straps or cup holders for ease of use.

Not just a tool

With all of these features as standard in many new lease vans, it is easy to see why drivers and tradesmen treat their vans as more than just a means to get from A to B. A modern van contributes far more to the day-to-day work of a tradesmen or haulier than you might think.

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At Van Ninja, we understand this van-driver relationship. We know how important it is to have a van that meets your requirements in more ways than payload capacity or load length. Your new van lease must have the features you need to complete your work, whether that is while driving or stationary. Our team can advise on all the extra features that turn a van into mobile office and a space you can work in.