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Top 5 Small Van Lease Options

VW Caddy

There are many companies and business roles that require a small van lease. Some only need to carry small items, such as an electrician or IT maintenance tech, while others provide local deliveries and don’t require a lot of space, such as florists or craft shops.

We find a lot of customers need a van, but don’t realise that they don’t have to spend big on a large van lease. Sometimes a small van will do the job just as well. Small vans are cheaper to lease and to maintain, and have better fuel economy, so in many cases they are the better option.

A small van also works alongside a larger fleet as a support vehicle, either as a crew van with additional seating, or as a site manager or team leader’s vehicle.

We’ve put together some of the top small van lease options to give you an idea of what is available, and what you can do with a small van.

Vauxhall Combo Cargo Sportive

Available in L1 and L2 options, the Combo Cargo is excellent value for money. This Vauxhall van lease is a straightforward vehicle for those customers that don’t want to waste money on additional extras they aren’t going to use. It can carry up to 1 ton in payload, and the fuel economy of 68.8 mpg is one of the best to be found.

The Combo Cargo is a favourite for couriers and local delivery drivers and is ideal for any customer looking for a cheap van lease that performs well in all circumstances.

In terms of cost and features, Vauxhall are one of the best value for money brands in the van lease market.

When you look at both price and capability, the Combo Cargo Sportive is our top pick for any business looking for a small van lease.

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect was designed to fill a gap in the Ford van lease range, between the Transit Courier and the Transit Custom. While the Courier is the smallest van in the Ford range and absolutely has its niche, it is not always the best fit.

In a lot of cases, the Ford Transit Connect is the best choice for customers looking for a small van lease. As a newer design overall, it is modern from the ground up, with a host of technical features that are designed to assist the driver.

The van listed here is the higher trim Limited model, though other variations are available if this version exceeds the budget. Other variants include long and short wheel-base, three trim levels, and the double cab option, which is listed below.

Peugeot Partner Professional

While the Peugeot Partner is considered the budget option, it is by no means lacking in features. The payload capacity is over 1 ton, and the load space is comparable to the Vauxhall Combo Cargo and the Ford Transit Connect.

Fuel economy holds up against the best of the small van range, coming in at 66mpg.

Many customers prefer the Peugeot brand, and the Partner Professional is definitely a capable small van lease.

The Partner Professional is a good choice for a cheap van lease for customers whose finances are tight, or perhaps for a business that prizes efficiency over additional features.

Ford Transit Connect Trend Double Cab

One of Ford’s greatest strengths is its flexibility. Each model in the Ford range comes in a variety of configurations to suit any business requirement.

The Ford Transit Connect is no exception, and one of the more popular uses for the van is as a crew cab. A double cab van lease is a great idea for any company that needs to relocate team members efficiently.

If there are no parts or tools to move at the same time, then a small van lease is a better option. A small double cab van will be more fuel efficient and a more car-like drive than a larger van lease such as the Transit Custom Double Cab.

There is still room in the back of the Ford Transit Connect Double Cab, with a total payload capacity of 739kg.

VW Caddy

Volkswagen are often labelled as the luxury choice when it comes to van leasing. Their vans generally come with more features than their competitors, and are often claimed to have the highest build quality.

While many companies don’t need a top-tier small van lease to carry out their work, there are just as many companies that like to present themselves with a little more style. A VW Caddy lease will do that.

With a high-quality interior and systems developed from the VW Golf, the Volkswagen Caddy is possibly the most advanced small van lease on the market. As such, it is ideal for customers that want the top of the range in comfort and performance.