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The UK Government is Building an EV Charger Network

electric van with charger

The UK Government plans to build over 300,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030. This is around 10 times more than the amount of public EV chargers that currently exist.

The plan, which will cost around £1.6 billion, looks to install public electric vehicle chargers on streets and at accessible parking areas. It also includes changes to legislation around chargepoint operation. Companies that manage chargepoints must provide real-time data about their chargers, allowing customers to find local chargepoints and compare prices. Payment must also be able to be made via contactless card or device.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “No matter where you live – be that a city centre or rural village, the north, south, east or west of the country – we’re powering up the switch to electric and ensuring no one gets left behind in the process.

“The scale of the climate challenge ahead of us all is well known and decarbonising transport is at the very heart of our agenda.

“That’s why we’re ensuring the country is EV-fit for future generations by the end of this decade, revolutionising our charging network and putting the consumer first.”

The plan is laid out in the UK electric vehicle infrastructure strategy which also includes a full roadmap to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. In the plan, one of the key points stressed is that the rollout to date has been too slow. This new plan attempts to rectify that with much more emphasis on publicly accessible chargers and more local government funding.

Paul Willcox, Managing Director, Vauxhall, commented: “The electric vehicles (EVs) sold now not only help to reduce air pollution, and our fossil fuel use, today but they become the used electric vehicles of tomorrow – enabling more of the UK to transition quicker to zero-emissions-in-use motoring.

With demand for EVs rising, and an expanding choice of EVs available, we believe that public confidence in a visible, reliable and easy to use charging network is key – especially for those who do not have the luxury of off-street charging.

Electric vehicle technology continues to advance, with improved ranges and faster charging. Added to the government’s new initiative, it is looking like it might be time for your business to invest in an electric van.