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The Ford Ranger is Now Available as a Chassis Cab

Ford Ranger Chassis Cab for Finance Lease

Until recently, the Ford Ranger pickup truck has only been available in the standard pickup configurations, though with enough variants to satisfy any budget, performance, or level of luxury. A few other pickup trucks have offered chassis cab conversions in the past, such as Iveco and Toyota, and now the Ford Ranger finally joins those ranks.

A chassis cab vehicle is exactly what it sounds like. It provides only the chassis and the cab, leaving the rear area empty and ready for modification. Customers can then customise the vehicle as they choose, adding a box body, a cherry picker, or a dropside or tipper load area.

The Ford Ranger chassis cab is a single cab design, leaving 2.5m of conversion length to play with. There is substantial weight allowance as well, with the Ranger capable of supporting a total vehicle mass of 3,270kg with its heavy-duty rear leaf spring suspension.

A wading depth of 800mm and a ground clearance of 237mm means the Ranger is well-suited to off-road utility and construction conversions.

In terms of power, the Ranger Chassis Cab was given the 170ps 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine that is fitted to many Ranger models. It can provide 420Nm of torque to help with heavy loads and uneven off-road conditions.

The chassis cab contains all the Ranger’s standard technology, such as driving aids and traction controls and, of course, like all other Ford vehicles, the Ranger Chassis Cab will have responsive steering and feel great to drive.

The Ford Ranger chassis cab is aimed at a wide range of business sectors, including forestry firms, rescue operators, and the construction industry. They are also hoping to attract interest from the police and military. Pickup truck chassis cabs are used in a wide range of industries, which Ford are looking to appeal to with the new Ranger.

The Commercial Vehicles Conversion Manager for Ford of Europe, Paul Baynes, commented: “We’ve built the Ranger chassis cab for customers who work in the most demanding environments and need a tough, off-road vehicle to carry their specialist kit. Combined with Ford’s extensive QVM converter network, Ranger chassis cab enables our customers to get the job done, wherever they work.”

We don’t have pricing information yet, as the Ford Ranger chassis cab has only just been announced, but it is due to go on sale this month. If you are interested in one of these chassis cab pickup trucks, you might not see delivery until Spring.

Van Ninja can provide a good deal on the Ford Ranger Chassis Cab if you are looking for a specialist . We have our own bodywork partners that can supply any rear body onto the chassis to an exceptional standard.

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