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Overnight Tool Theft on the Rise

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A recent study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles found that 57% of tradespeople regularly leave tools and equipment in their vans overnight and are at risk of tool theft. The study also found that almost a third of van drivers (31%) are not adding trackers or additional locks to protect their equipment.

When Volkswagen looked at the data by region, they found that 55% of tradespeople have had equipment stolen in the past year. This is a significantly larger percentage than other areas, such as West Midlands (33%), North East (28%), North West (25)% or East Anglia (23%).

It’s not just about the cost of replacing the equipment, either. Tradespeople without tools are unable to work, and it’s estimated that this downtime can cost around £550 per van per day.

 David Hanna, Head of Sales Operations at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, commented: “Tool theft is a massive problem for tradespeople with thieves targeting vans parked up overnight across the country. It not only costs van drivers millions in buying new kit, but also impacts their ability to do their jobs, further impacting their finances. We’re urging people who own expensive equipment to take extra precautions to deter would-be thieves, whether that’s removing items overnight, adding extra security measures, or avoiding parking in unlit, secluded areas.”

 So what can you do?

If you have to keep your tools in your van, then there are a few things that increase security and reduce the chances of being targeted by thieves.

Parking in a well-lit area with CCTV can deter thieves. You can also block the doors, by parking close to a wall or other vehicles, so that even if the locks are broken, the doors are not able to be opened.

Additional security, such as trackers, secondary locks, or improved alarm systems, are a good investment, and will save time and money in the long term.

Van manufacturers have provided additional tools to help you keep your van secure. Volkswagen have the “We Connect” app, allowing you to connect your smartphone to your van and receive status information. For example, if will send you an alert if the doors have been opened. Ford and Vauxhall have similar phone apps, and we advise setting them up as soon as possible.

Security is also stronger on newer vans, as new technology is used to improve locks and alarms. Leasing a new van from Van Ninja will give you a good head start over the thieves, and allow you some peace of mind that your tools are as safe as they can be.