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Do you need a vehicle for your business that needs to carry some tools or parts while still being small enough to access narrow streets or tight spaces like a car? Our small van lease range is a selection of vehicle specifications from leading manufacturers that covers all eventualities.

Due to our great relationships with the major manufacturers, we are able to source small vans at much better prices than the forecourts. We pass that saving on to you in our lease deals, so you can drive away a brand-new small van for a really low price.


The Citroen Berlingo utilises a lot of technology found in Citroen’s car range. In doing so, it provides an excellent driving experience with a lot of safety and comfort features. The cab is possibly the most car-like of the small vans in terms of layout and visibility, so you’ll barely notice the difference moving from a large car to a Berlingo.

We have two variants of the Berlingo on our website, the M and XL versions.

The Berlingo M can carry a competent 680kg in its 1.8m load space and is equipped with a 75hp engine to keep you moving smoothly.

The XL version increases this to 950kg in an extended 2.1m load space. To manage the extra load, Citroen have given the Berlingo XL a 100hp engine, which is more than enough to keep the van feeling quick and responsive even under full load.


When it comes to variants, Ford has everyone else beat. Their Transit range has grown and adapted over the years to cover small, medium, and large vans, and each range has so many options and variations that Ford have just about every eventuality covered.

The smallest van we have on our website is the Ford Fiesta Van, which is a Fiesta with the rear seats and boot converted into a load space. It handles like a Fiesta car and has many of the car’s features, which makes this a good choice if you need a little more load space than a car would provide.

The small van range includes the Ford Transit Courier and the Ford Transit Connect. The Courier is a little smaller, with less variants available than the Connect, but both fill niches in the market.

The Van Ninja website has three Courier variants listed. The Courier Leader is available in both petrol and diesel versions. Both carry the same 600kg payload and are fitted with the same features, so this allows you to choose your fuel preference.

We also supply the Ford Transit Courier Trend, a slightly more expensive version with additional trim and technical features included.

The Ford Transit Connect can carry a little more cargo than the Courier, between 650kg and 750kg across its many variants. We provide Leader, Trend and Limited versions, which have different features and trim. The Trend and Leader are also available in double cab versions with an additional row of seating.


The Partner is a solid small van lease that can carry a substantial load of up to 1000kg. The load bay was designed to comfortably fit a Euro pallet through the back doors. Peugeot have given the Partner good driver visibility and a clear, organised dashboard, so that it feels very similar to driving a large car.

Peugeot have three standard variations on their Partner van, Standard, Long, and Crew. All versions have a range of driving aids and features that are quite competitive for a mid-range small van.

Load space is generous, with 1.8m in the Standard and 2.1m in the Long version. Even the Crew van, with its additional row of seats, has a 1.4m load area.

The Peugeot Partner is highly recommended for businesses that need a van that can carry a decent cargo while being small enough to navigate tight city streets or country roads.


The award-winning Combo Cargo is a popular choice in the small van lease market. It is available in two sizes and a range of different trim levels to suit any business customer. Vauxhall have designed the latest edition of the Combo Cargo to be as driver friendly as possible, using technology from their car range to ensure their vans handle well in all situations.

The Combo Cargo comes in several variants. The Combo Cargo Edition is the entry-level vehicle, with basic trim option and a 75hp engine. For a slightly better drive with some additional features, the Combo Cargo Pro is also available.

The Sportive has a 100hp engine for some extra power and comes in both L1 and L2 variants if you need additional load space.

We also supply a Combo Cargo Crew Van with an extra row of seats in the cab which can still fit a lot of cargo into its 2.1m load length.


Volkswagen are our luxury small vans and carry additional features over most of the other makes. This makes them a little more expensive, but you more than get your money’s worth with the features and build quality.

The VW Caddy Startline lease is available in both petrol and diesel variants, so you can choose which fuel economy you prefer. There is also a petrol version of the Startline Maxi, which increases the load capacity to 2.2m for only a slight increase in price.

For an even more luxurious drive, we can also supply the Volkswagen Caddy C20 Trendline, which is the top of the range vehicle in VW’s small van fleet. Additions include a high-quality cloth interior and a host of technical driving assists such as electronic differential lock, brake force distribution, and stabilisation programme.

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