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For many businesses, a pickup truck is an essential part of the fleet. Whether it is used by management for site visits, or to transport crew and equipment, if you expect to encounter rough terrain then you should be looking at leasing a pickup truck.

Even if your business is strictly on-road, a smart pickup truck can add a little prestige to your brand.

Modern pickups have a range of luxury options and are designed to handle well on or off the road.

So which pickup truck should you choose? Here’s a brief introduction to each manufacturer and some of the different options they provide.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 200PS Auto

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is possibly the best-known pickup truck brand in the UK. As with their vans, Ford supply the Ranger in an impressive number of variants. Even the lowest spec is a quality vehicle, but the higher end pickup trucks come with a host of features that really make Ford stand out.

The Ranger XLT model is the lowest spec, though it is by no means lacking. All Rangers come with a solid basic feature set that includes cruise control, lane keeping assistance, traffic sign recognition and a trip computer. The 4WD system is smooth and switches modes effortlessly.

The next variant is the Ford Ranger Limited. It includes all the features on the XLT, plus a host of additional attributes that more than justify the extra cost. Heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control, parking sensors and much more combine to make the Ford Ranger Limited a very good pickup truck.

Ford’s flagship Ranger is the Wildtrak, with 18” wheels, a new grille, and additional trim to set it apart from the cheaper versions. The Wildtrak is available in both manual and automatic versions, with a choice of 2.0 or 3.2 litre engines.

All versions of the Ford Ranger can carry over 1,000kg of cargo in the rear bed, and additional options allow for the ability to add a hard top for security.

Depending on your budget and requirements, we can likely source a Ford Ranger that would suit you. The XLT is ideal for customers who need a 4×4 pickup truck but don’t need the extra bells and whistles, while the Wildtrak is for customers that want that extra comfort and style. No matter the version, however, the Ford Ranger is a great pickup truck and is more than worth its price tag.

Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck comes in four main variants, the Trojan, Warrior, Barbarian, and Barbarian X. Each has different levels of trim and features, so you can pick the version you require to match your cost.

The entry level model, the Trojan, has all the standard features you would expect from a 4×4 pickup truck, including an advanced 4WD system, active stability and traction control, and heavy-duty suspension. A host of safety features keep you and your passengers safe both on and off the road.

The L200 Warrior comes with all the features of the Trojan and adds on some trim and feature options. It is available with either an automatic or manual gearbox, depending on your preference, which is more than capable no matter the terrain. A rear-view camera and smartphone link are among the technical improvements over the Trojan.

The Barbarian has full LED external lights and an upgraded interior. It’s slightly more expensive than the Warrior for a decent set of additional features.

Mitsubishi’s luxury model, the Barbarian X, includes additional features such as a full 360 parking view, heated steering wheel, and other driver conveniences. Despite containing a lot of luxury options, the Barbarian X still performs well as an off-road workhorse.

The latest versions of the L200 can tow 3.5 tonnes with trailer stabilisation assists and an improved powertrain.


Ford Transit Custom L1H1 300 Limited 130PS Auto
Volkswagen Amarok For Lease

Volkswagon Amarok

We currently showcase one variant of VW’s pickup on our website, the Volkswagen Amarok Highline.

This is a higher spec variant, with a lot of added features over the basic Trendline, which pushes it towards the premium end of the pickup truck range.

As it’s a Volkswagen, you can expect a lot of refinement. VW have a reputation for the quality of build and their high engineering standards, and they have incorporated these values into the Amarok.

Some of the luxury features you can expect to find in the Amarok Highline include heated windows, privacy glass, LED lights, a 6” touchscreen, air conditioning, and leather upholstery. And, with the high build quality contributing to an effective, well-laid out dashboard, the Amarok is a class leader when it comes to comfort and driver ergonomics.

Technical features include driving aids such as hill start assist, traction control, trailer stability, and of course a smart 4WD system that allows you to switch between four- and two-wheel drive at will.

The VW Amarok is a comfortable drive on the road, with a high viewing position and good handling. The 204hp engine provides plenty of power even under the full 1110kg payload.

If you’re looking for a high-end prestige vehicle, the VW Amarok is an excellent choice. While it costs a little more than the other pickup trucks we have available, the Amarok definitely justifies its price with its build quality and feature list.

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