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Medium vans are the all-rounders of the van world. They are good at a wide range of tasks and are the chosen vehicles for everything from couriers to crew vans to electricians.

While they are large enough to carry what you need to, they are also small enough to be nippy around cities and towns.

There are so many variants of the medium van models we have on lease that we could not fit them all on the website – and even if we did, the number of options and variants would just be too confusing.

Instead, we’ve chosen some of the best variants of each of our manufacturer’s vans. The medium vans on display here are the ones that we think fit every niche. One of these medium vans is the vehicle you need for your business.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vivaro is the only van still built here in the UK, a fact that Vauxhall use heavily in their marketing. If you’re looking to support UK manufacturers, then the Vivaro is definitely the medium van you should be considering.

 The Vivaro is available in two different lengths, L1 and L2, offering some flexibility in load area. Payload is competitive, ranging from 975kg to 1170kg depending on the version you choose.

 At Van Ninja, we also offer a double cab variant with additional crew seating. This version of the Vivaro is still able to carry 1170kg, so you’re not losing out on payload.

 We provide both the standard Vivaro Edition, with fewer features for those that need to budget, and the Vivaro Sportive for those that want a few more features in their van. Both are capable vehicles, and any of the variants will serve your business well.


Ford Transit Custom

Ford make so many Transit variants that you could spend all day looking through the different options, until you forget what you actually want from a medium van lease!

Even though we tried to limit the Transit Custom variants, we still found 10 different versions that we thought needed to go on our website.

The vans we supply are split into three trim levels; Leader, Trend, and Limited. Leader is the entry-level variant, though it is still well-kitted out with driving assistance features and a small TFT screen. Trend is a little more luxurious, though nothing too fancy. It includes Cruise Control, a larger touchscreen, and some aesthetic touches to the exterior. And the Limited model adds even more, including a chrome grille, heated seats and air con.

Engine sizes range from 105hp up to 130hp if you’re looking for some extra power, and all have good fuel economy.

A double cab variant is available in the Trend line with an extra row of seats, allowing you to carry more people while still having a good load space.

Peugeot Expert Standard 1000 1.5 100PS Professional

Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert Professional comes in two sizes, Standard and Long. The Standard version has a 3.7m load capacity while the Long variant is a little over 4m. Maximum payload weight is slightly larger in the Peugeot Expert Long, at 1060kg over 975kg in the Standard.

This gives you a clear choice between the two, as the larger vehicle is a little more expensive but gives you more carrying ability.

Our Peugeot Expert lease deals are very good value for money, and we’d put the Expert among the top vehicles to choose when it comes to leasing a van on a budget.

The Professional has a lot of features for its price, such as cruise control, Bluetooth, and air conditioning. While it may be less prestigious than some of the other medium van leases we provide, it has enough features to keep to comfortable and safe while getting the job done.

Van Ninja highly recommends the Peugeot Expert Professional as a van that will do everything your business needs at a very good lease price.

Citroen Dispatch

The Citroen Dispatch is very similar to the Peugeot Expert and Vauxhall Vivaro. All share the majority of their parts, though each manufacturer does add some customisation to their respective models.

There are two Dispatch variants available on our website, the Dispatch M and the Dispatch XL, offering load lengths of 2.5m and 4m respectively, though the 4m load capacity of the XL is only possible due to the ability to fold away the passenger seats to create extra space.

One major advantage of the Dispatch M is that it is only 1.9m high. This means you can fit under the height restriction barriers at car parks and other loading areas.

The Citroen Dispatch may have a lot in common with other vehicles in its class, but there are also enough features to set it apart and make it worth looking at on its own merits. Both the M and XL versions are good value for money, and definitely should be considered when looking to lease a medium van for your business.

Mercedes Vito

For a van with a solid pedigree and a reputation for precision engineering, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is an excellent choice.

Mercedes Benz don’t skimp on features and the Vito comes with driving aids such as hill start assist, cruise control, crosswind assist and a lot more. Driving is comfortable and stress-free due to high visibility and one of the best designed cabs in its class. The steering wheel and dashboard are set up to provide easy access to all the features and controls you need.

While the payload is a little lower in this van, at 701kg, the Vito more than makes up for it with additional comfort and technology. This is the medium van to choose if you are spending a lot of time in your van and you need something that will keep you comfortable on long trips.

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