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Crew cab vans are a popular vehicle modification for many businesses. Also referred to as DCIV (Double Cab In Van), a crew cab van has an extra row of seats behind the front seats. This allows five or six workers to travel in the same van.

The extra row of seats takes up some of the load space of the van, though generally most crew cab vans still have plenty of space for tools and equipment. The weight of the additional seats and passengers will also reduce the available load weight of the van.

As you might expect, a five or six seater van lease excels at the specific purpose it was built for – to carry additional crew without needing a second vehicle, while still having substantial payload space.

Crew cabs are available in a range of makes and models, including small, medium, and large vans fitted with DCIV. Van Ninja have chosen some of these vans to feature on lease, based on cost and performance.

Ford Transit Connect 230 Trend 1.5 100PS L2 DCIV

Ford Transit Connect Trend

1.5 EcoBlue 100ps DCIV L2 Van

The Transit Connect Double Cab is Ford’s small van lease offering. With the second row of seats fitted, the Connect turns into a 5 seater van leaes. While the load volume is reduced due to the extra seating, there is still room for up to 1.6m3 of cargo.

The crew cab variant has all the features and comforts of the standard Ford Transit Connect, including hill start assist, roll stability control, electronic stability control and electronic brake assist.

This is a great small van for any business that requires a comfortable and spacious transport for a larger crew.

Ford Transit Custom Trend

2.0 EcoBlue 130ps L2H1 DCIV Van

The Ford Transit Custom Trend Double Cab in Van (DCIV) is a 6-seater version of the popular medium van. Two rows of seats provide plenty of room for passengers while still leaving plenty of load space in the rear.

The Trend is the mid-level trim variant, and as such comes with a lot of features. Cruise control, parking aids, blind spot monitors, and many more features ensure a comfortable, commanding drive.

As with the standard Trend version, this medium van includes configurable locking to secure seating and load areas separately.

Ford Transit Courier Leader 1.5 Diesel

Ford Transit 350 Leader

2.0 EcoBlue 130ps L3H2 DCIV FWD Van

The best option for a crew cab in a large van is the Ford Transit 350 Leader Double Cab van lease. This 6-seater large van has a spacious second row of seats accessed by a large sliding side door.

Payload, including the additional crew members, is a generous 1260kg, and this L3H2 still has a large loading area even with the extra row of seats. It has excellent fuel economy for a large van, with 42mpg.

The Transit 350 is well known for its good handling characteristics, with responsive, sharp steering. For a large van with additional seats and a very good payload capacity, the Ford Transit 350 Leader DCIV is an excellent choice.

Peugeot Partner

850 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Crew Professional Van

The Peugeot Partner Professional gets a second row of three seats, taking the maximum seating up to five adults. This leaves 1.8m3 of load space, though the rear seats can be folded down for more room.

Total maximum payload is 855kg, which leaves a substantial capacity even with the maximum number of passengers in the van. With a fuel economy of over 65mpg, the Peugeot Partner Crew Van is one of the most fuel-efficient double cab 5 seater van leases on the market.

The variant featured here, the Professional, has a few additional features above the standard model to improve your driving experience. Features such as parking sensors, programmable cruise control, and a large multifunction trip computer and touchscreen are included.

Ford Transit Courier Leader 1.5 Diesel
Vauxhall L2 Combo 1.5 100PS Sportive Crew Van

Vauxhall Combo Cargo

2300 1.5 Turbo D 100ps L2H1 Sportive Crew Van

Vauxhall’s small van has won plenty of awards, and the Crew Van variant has all the great features of the standard version. It is a 5 seater, with a second row of 3 seats taking up some of the load space.

The Combo Cargo Double Cab  lease can carry 900kg of combined payload and passengers, making it one of the heaviest lifters in our small van lease range.

The Sportive is the top-level trim variant of the Combo Cargo, and as such comes with a lot of driver assistance technology, including hill start, brake assist, corner stability, traction control and more.

Vauxhall Vivaro

3100 2.0d 120PS L2H1 Sportive DCIV

The Vivaro Sportive Double Cab (DCIV) seats 6. Vauxhall’s medium van lease can load up to 1200kg of combined passengers and cargo, and the seats can be folded down to provide more load space when required.

Vauxhall have fitted the Vivaro Sportive with plenty of driver assistance features, including cruise control, parking sensors, and a driver drowsiness system that monitors steering inputs and alerts the driver if none are detected.

The Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive is the top-spec variant of their medium van lease range and has improved upholstery and external trim features to reflect this.

Ford Transit Courier Leader 1.5 Diesel

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