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New UK Built Arrival Electric Panel Van Revealed

Arrival Electric Van

As electric technology advances, more and more manufacturers are producing their take on the electric van. Many of these are based on their diesel counterparts and look very similar to the previous models.

Arrival, a UK startup, has taken a slightly different track. Their design is wholly new, and much of their planning is based around a modular build philosophy. All of Arrival’s vehicles, including a large bus, are built from the same modules, allowing easy scalability.


Arrival’s press release states that it is “reinventing the automotive industry with its entirely new method to the design and assembly of electric vehicles”. Microfactories can be set up locally and can produce vehicles without the need of large production lines. This is another way that Arrival is cutting down on carbon emissions, by promising to keep their supply chain local.

By building vehicles from modular parts, Arrival is making its vans much easier to maintain and repair. Aluminium and composite plastics reduce the vehicle’s weight and increase its range.

Another advantage of this modular construction is in the design of new variants, and new vehicles entirely. Every Arrival vehicle is built from the same stock of parts, and so any new design will be able to be built in the existing Microfactories. 

Arrival Electric Van
Arrival Electric Van

So what do we know about the Arrival van?

The van in this latest press release is the L3H3 model, which is 5.79m long. Arrival are planning for their van range to have lengths between 5.1m and 6.5m.

A modular battery system allows Arrival to provide configurations from 67kWh to 133kWh. This provides a potential maximum range at around 211 miles.

Payload is listed as 1,975kg for the 67kWh vehicle, with the weight of the additional batteries dropping it to 1615kg for the 133kWh van.


Arrival has put as much thought into the driver experience as the construction and performance of the van.

Features include a large 15 inch infotainment touchscreen in the centre of the dash and climate control. Digital rear-view mirrors ensure minimal blind spots, and the van is packed with safety tech. Lane keeping assist and autonomous emergency braking are among the useful features.


From what we have seen so far, there is a lot of interest in Arrival’s new electric van. At the last count, Arrival had received over £870 million of orders, including £340 million from UPS for an order of 10,000 vans.

Arrival Electric Van


The Arrival van is being rolled out in a limited capacity this Summer with UPS. As the year goes on, Arrival plans to ramp up production by opening additional Microfactories across the UK. Once pre-orders have been met, the van will likely be available for purchase and lease in the middle of 2022.

Arrival is hoping to match – or even beat – the price of comparable diesel vans.

To find out more, visit Arrival’s website.