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Is it the Right Time to Go Electric?

Electric van charge points

We are on the threshold of a potentially huge change in the van leasing market. Infrastructure is developing constantly, and prices are becoming more competitive, and we think it could be time for electric vans to take a big step into the limelight.


New electric charge points are being installed all the time, constantly improving the electric infrastructure around the country. Electric vans have more places to recharge than ever before. Many of these charge points on business premises, as companies begin to lay the groundwork for a move to electric.

When you consider the Government’s 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution which includes the intention to ban the sale of new diesel or petrol vehicles (hybrids can still be sold) by 2030, it is not surprising that the transition to electric vans is well underway.

Having your own electric charge points is vital if you are intending to run electric vans. Charge costs are much cheaper on private overnight tariffs when compared to daytime public chargers. Having your own charge points removes any reliance on the public network, so you don’t have to factor the charging locations into your route or your timetable.

Where is the demand coming from?

Across the UK, all sorts of companies are making the move to electric. It is still a slow uptake, but the rate is increasing all the time. Many large companies have already committed to adding hundreds of electric vans to their fleets.

Companies like Amazon, John Lewis, UPS, and more are transferring much of their home delivery fleet to electric.

Is it time for you to switch to electric?

The short answer is: Maybe.

Currently, there is a question around the cost of an electric van when compared to a diesel. There are definitely cases where the electric van will provide more value for money, but at the moment, the costs can vary depending on a range of circumstances.

To find out more, Dawsongroup Vans Managing Director, Simon Ridley, has authored an article exploring the various costs and payoffs to be had between electric and diesel vans.

The article can be viewed on the Dawsongroup Vans website.

With the rate of improvements in electric van technology, however, we expect electric van leasing to become more cost-effective before the end of 2021, which will prompt many more businesses to make the change.

Until then, our advice is to consider your situation carefully and weigh up all the costs and benefits of electric vs diesel. An electric van lease may cost more per month, but the electric charge cost will be cheaper than a similar amount of diesel. Consider maintenance and availability of chargers. Even the driver’s driving style can affect electric van efficiency – for example, the heaters are powered by the same battery as the engine.

If you are not sure, there are still diesel and hybrid vans available until your business is ready to make the change.

Which electric vans are available?

Van Ninja can source a range of the newest electric van leases. We have picked the best performing vehicles in each category and we can recommend the following vans.

As a small van lease, the Renault Kangoo ZE electric van is great value for money. With a realistic range of over 100 miles (fully loaded) on a full battery charge, this little van is great for city driving and local deliveries.

Our medium recommendation is the Vauxhall Vivaro-E. This medium van lease can carry up to 1,000kg and can travel a potential 200 miles on a full battery. We think this is perfect for regional courier work.

Large van leases have been a little less impressive on the whole, with the heavier vehicles using too much battery power to be efficient, but in the eSprinter, Mercedes have created an electric van lease that is absolutely competitive.

As these vans are newly available, they aren’t listed on our website yet. But don’t worry, the Van Ninja team can source your brand new electric van and provide a competitive finance quote that you will be happy with.

Get in touch today, and ask about the new electric van leases we have available.