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Government-Funded Project RESPONSE Launched to Aid Emergency Services Switch to Zero Emissions

Project RESPONSE (Robust Emergency Services Performing Operations in Electric) is a new initiative that has been established to improve the integration of zero-emissions technology into emergency service operations.

The project is funded by Innovate UK as part of the net zero mobility programme, and its goal is to investigate the obstacles preventing electrification of emergency systems, including everything from planning and dispatch systems to the vehicles themselves.

FPS is developing a new platform, with support from Cenex, that is based on existing software already being used by commercial fleets. The software has already proven successful in reducing operational costs while optimising electric van deployments.

Project RESPONSE will take this system and the data gathered, and investigate how to apply the same procedures to emergency dispatch systems. One of the main goals is to address the challenges of charging and range restrictions by streamlining the choices given to the human dispatcher.

Cenex’s role in the project is to identify user requirements and explore necessary adaptations for zero-emissions vehicles. Their work with supply chain analysis and vehicle journey visualisation will be of great benefit in this regard.

Dr Peter Speers, Principal Technical Specialist, Cenex said: “Project RESPONSE offers an exciting opportunity to utilise our extensive experience in supporting emergency fleets and apply it to the development of zero-emission emergency service operations. With our deep understanding of vehicle technology and fleet operations, we are committed to maximising efficiency and ensuring the seamless integration of sustainable practices into emergency service operations.”

Michael Ayres, Managing Director, FPS said: “The electrification of emergency services vehicles presents the biggest challenge yet in the decarbonisation of transport. The complexities of assessing the correct vehicle to dispatch are myriad for the operator. We’re very proud that Cenex chose us to deliver this crucial service.”