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Ford and ADT Announce New Canopy Security System

A new system is in development through a partnership between Ford and ADT. The new system, named Canopy, is designed to add security to cars and commercial vehicles through a system of cameras linked to a mobile app.

The cameras will install in cargo areas, such as pickup beds and Transit van load spaces. They are designed to be easily installed by customers, requiring little technical expertise.

Ford and ADT want customers to be able to protect tools, equipment and cargo without seeking complex solutions, and it looks like Canopy will allow them to do just that.

“Thieves have been even more active during the pandemic and know business owners store valuable equipment in vehicles. Canopy is here for those who’ve had enough of thefts that threaten their livelihoods,” said Franck Louis-Victor, vice president, Ford New Business Platform. “Key to Ford’s software-led transformation are new ideas such as Canopy and collaborating with other innovators such as ADT, which brings to vehicle security their leadership protecting families, homes, and businesses.”

A smart AI will connect the cameras to an app, which monitors the van and its surroundings for activity. If anything suspicious occurs, the app will alert the customer and provide a video livestream direct from the van’s cameras.

The AI is designed to identify and distinguish genuine threats from other events, such as nearby construction sounds, or a cat jumping onto the vehicle’s roof. It should filter these events out and only alert the customer if a real issue is detected.

Additionally, an audio system will allow the customer to speak through the app to any potential thieves, to warn them that the vehicle is being monitored.

Canopy will integrate with Ford Pro, providing a solid platform for distribution, and will launch via retailers, dealerships, and online.

Initial funding is expected to close in Q2 2022, with the public launch in early 2023.