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Five Vans With Good Air Con Systems

Ford Transit Custom Air Con Controls

It’s getting hotter out there, and spending the day driving under the sun is not always comfortable. Vans have large windscreens and, like a greenhouse, can warm up the cab interior quickly. Opening the windows can help, but on the really hot days all you are doing is letting more warm air in.

That’s why your next van lease should have a good air conditioning system. Lower spec vans don’t always come with air con installed, as manufacturers like to provide a choice for people that just need a reliable van as cheaply as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just want a few extra comforts when you’re driving.

We tested the air con on a range of vehicles to find out which ones will do the job and keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Luckily for anyone in need of an air-conditioned van, all the vans we tested are currently in stock and available for lease at Van Ninja, though they are going fast and we can’t guarantee they’ll be around for much longer.

Ford Transit Custom Limited

The Limited spec of this medium van lease has a very good air con unit. Strong fans and a responsive temperature dial. This is a great choice if you’re driving in the heat. A six-speed fan helps you cool down quickly, and you can choose to direct the air flow to the windscreen, the dash or into the footwell.
Ford Transit Custom L1H1 280 Limited 130PS Auto

Ford Transit Connect Limited

As with the Transit Custom, Ford have given their popular small van lease, the Transit Connect Limited, a very good temperature control system. The Connect has brought a lot of features across from Ford’s car range, and the air con is similar to the manual systems in their cars. Strong fans and a lot of customisations keep you cool on the hottest days.
Ford Transit Connect 200 Limited 1.5 120PS SWB

Vauxhall Combo Cargo Pro

Air conditioning is only available on the higher-spec models of the Combo Cargo small van lease. The Sportive model reviewed here has a robust air con system that provides a lot of options. Six-speed fans provide more than enough air flow to keep you cool, and we found the temperature dial produced a quick response to any adjustments.

Vauxhall Vivaro Pro

Like the Combo, Vauxhall has only installed air-con to the higher spec Vivaro, the Pro. Both the L1 and the L2 are in stock, and both come with a manual air conditioning system. When testing it, we found the system worked quickly to lower the temperature when required, and the settings allowed us to easily direct the airflow to the footwell or the dash.
Vauxhall Vivaro L1H1 2700 100PS Sportive

Vauxhall Movano

It’s an optional extra, but the air con in a Vauxhall’s large van, the Movano, is an important addition. We have some Movanos in stock with air conditioning fitted, so we gave it a test. The large windscreen of the Movano lets a lot of sunlight into the cab, which means a lot of heat in the summer. In our opinion, the air conditioning system makes driving far more comfortable on those long distance deliveries. 
Vauxhall Movano 3500 L3H2 FWD 135PS