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All jobs are different, but there is no denying that they all share an array of challenges and demands. Some may require you to keep your work phone switched on and available at all times. Others can be both physically draining and mentally exhausting.

What’s more, you may even have a profession that needs you to hit the road all day, skipping from one house to the next to satisfy your customers’ pressing demands. If you regularly visit clients on their doorstep, there is a good chance you will benefit from a handy, reliable vehicle.

Van Ninja has a substantial fleet of vans that can suit your business just right, regardless of the nature of your profession. Van leasing is a splendid opportunity to save precious money on your vehicle costs while taking full advantage of the latest, most functional models on the market.

This said, what van would work best for your occupation? Which one would tick all the boxes to favour a smooth and productive day? 

Small vans

Do you need much room? Does your equipment take up a lot of space? Do you operate in a big city with large streets or in a village with narrow lanes? It is fair to say that there are many different factors to take into consideration.

Smaller vans can help you get about your daily duties in a comfortable, stress-free, and efficient way. If you want to avoid tricky manoeuvres, or are only carrying a limited amount of equipment, small options are probably your safest bet.


If you sell plants and flowers for a living, small vans are likely to do the trick. Florists bring joy and emotion to a considerable number of people. Flowers can add a magical touch to a wedding, offer comfort to grieving families at a funeral, or fill the heart of in-love couples on their anniversary.

With our smaller vans, such as the Peugeot Partner, you can deliver heaps of scented flowers to your customers with confidence and ease. You will have enough space for your pots and plants, while also sparing yourself from avoidable headaches when cruising through tight streets.

Pet groomers

Arguably, there are few occupations as adorable as this one. Pet or dog groomers work in close contact with scruffy pooches. If your job is to clip dogs’ nails and brush their fur, you will know how important it is to treat your four-legged customer in a scrupulous manner.

A Ford Transit Connect, for instance, will allow you to take good care of your canine client. A small van gives you enough space to host and transport your washing and grooming equipment, leaving the pampered pooch with a smile on their snout. 

Medium vans

If you are looking for a medium-sized van, you will be glad to know that Van Ninja has a large range of models. Not only do they offer you more space than smaller options, but they provide better performance and fuel economy than larger vehicles.

What professions would medium vans be perfect for?


Are you the master of rollers and paintbrushes? If yes, a medium-sized Peugeot Expert van can navigate you to your canvas with the comfort you deserve. Homeowners redecorate their homes on a regular basis, and a fresh lick of paint is often on top of their interior design agendas.

You will be able to easily fit in all your equipment, including reclinable ladders and buckets of paint and varnish and give your customers’ houses a brand-new look.


As more and more buyers browse the online world to arrange their fashion and grocery shopping, delivery people are increasingly populating our roads. Are you one of the couriers providing consumers with their purchases? You may want to consider leasing a medium-sized van.

This option gives you the possibility to steer your way through endless addresses while containing a considerable number of packages and boxes with all the requested goodies. 

Large vans

Some professionals operate with big, bulky equipment – and size matters in the field of skilled trades. If you own a considerable number of tools and need to carry out a substantial task, you will need a large van to get your items from A to B.

From Ford Transit 350s to Citroen Relays, Van Ninja has you covered. But what occupations would most benefit from large vans?


If you are a plumber, you are likely to never be out of work. Whether it is a faulty sink, a toilet that is not flushing, or a malfunctioning shower, households will always be in need of experienced hands to sort their sorrows.

Large vans offer plenty of room for probes, drain blasters, and long toilet snakes. Furthermore, they allow you to carry extra equipment and be ready to tackle whatever challenge you are faced with.

Street-food restaurateur

Large vans are the perfect solution for those wanting to delve into the tasty field of street-food dining. With heaps of space in the back of your vehicle, and with a considerable payload, you can move your stall, pots, and pans from one place to the next with great flexibility.

If you are a talented chef, why miss out on such an exciting opportunity? Share your cooking skills with hungry diners and drive your menu to success.

So which van will you choose? What model best suits your occupation? Whatever your needs, we are sure we will be able to help. Explore our large fleet of vehicles and pick the one that perfectly matches your work routines.